“I have been a client of Nolan's for over three years and have personally seen how he has scaled his business, built a cohesive team, demonstrated remarkable business acumen, and has overcome significant business challenges through visionary strategic planning. The success of his business is no doubt a result of his integrity and courageous leadership. I would highly recommend him as a business consultant, strategic planner, and moral leader.”

- Seth Y.

“Nolan emulates the true core of what it means to be an entrepreneur. He has relentless work ethic, grit, savvy in business marketing strategy, and he has an innate ability to build and foster relationships of those around him. Being a business owner myself, it's refreshing to have like-minded colleagues like Nolan in your inner circle. If there was one thing i've learned from Nolan throughout the past 8 years of our friendship, it is this - You must become a practitioner first and foremost, before you can lead. What makes Nolan such an impactful business owner, entrepreneur, great friend, incredible husband, and so much more ... is his ability to put in the work that is necessary to accomplish his goals. He works smart AND he works hard. We live in an era now where being an "entrepreneur" is the "cool thing to do". But what is missing 90% of the time is the merit that comes with entrepreneurship. Nolan has all the merit in the world, which proves true in the success he's had in life - both professional and personal. I am very proud to call him a close friend with a great strategic mind that I can continually lean on.”

- Justin P.

“Nolan’s insight into the workings of a successful businessposition him as an asset in any consulting setting. Strategicthinking, coupled with sound planning and scaling-up expertise,make him the total package. I endorse Nolan anytime, any day, twice on Sundays.”

- David W.

“Nolan helped me figure out my strengths and strategized a planwith moving me forward in my business career. His mentorship and unique business insights are extremely valuable for anyone and I’d highly recommend him!”

- Jennifer K.